Recovery & Information for Adults

CHP believes that people can and do recover from mental illness and supports people in their recovery journey. The following foundational principles are part of CHP’s recovery philosophy:

  • Hope for the future is the cornerstone of recovery. A recovery-focused system of care conveys hope to members, families and professionals alike. Recovery is an on-going and individual process. Personal goals are not defined by the professional, but defined by the member. It is an individual process that supports choice and exploring alternatives based on members’ and families’ values, strengths and interests.

  • Respecting individual experience - Recovery work addresses both the experience of symptoms and the additional effects of having a mental illness such as stigma and discrimination.

  • Empowerment - Recovery means developing a sense of control over one’s life and taking responsibility for the course of one’s future. Rather than focusing on illness and on the past, recovery is present and future directed. It focuses on improving a person’s strengths, confidence and personal goals.
  • Partnership - Recovery is a partnership using both professional interventions as well as self-directed coping strategies.

  • Community - Recovery is enhanced when people develop social networks for support and friendship. It enables members to identify allies and supports in their natural environments.

  • Meaningful work – All people want meaning and purpose to their lives. Paid work, volunteer work, and homemaking, pursing their education and other goal-directed activities all give purpose to a person’s life. These endeavors give hope, and place the focus away from illness and onto positive goal and future directed activities.

Colorado Health Partnerships offers tools and strategies for recovery. To learn more, click on one of the links below.

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