Your Mental Health Services

Your Medicaid Mental Health Plan Covered Benefits

As a Medicaid Member enrolled with CHP, the following services are covered under your plan. To learn more, call CHP at 1-800-804-5040.

Case Management Services These are services you get in the community. They help you stay in the community. They include service planning, outreach, referral and coordination of services. Routine case management is part of the services provided by your mental health outpatient Care Coordinator.
Emergency Care Emergency care is the treatment of a mental health condition that is life threatening. It is life threatening to the person who is having the crisis. Or, another person may think it is life threatening to you.
Inpatient services are those mental health services that need to be given in a hospital. Your plan benefit allows up to 45 inpatient hospital days per year. However, youth under age 21 may qualify for more hospital days if medically necessary. This is through the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program (EPSDT).
Medication Management This is when a doctor, or other licensed prescriber, prescribes and monitors your psychiatric medications.
Outpatient Treatment These are services you get in an office or other place in the community. They are recommended by a doctor or other licensed provider. They help people recover from their mental health issues. If needed, they also help people regain skills they need to live in the community. Services include individual therapy, brief individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and outpatient day treatment. You can get up to 35 individual or brief therapy sessions per year. Through EPSDT, youth ages 20 and under may qualify for more individual and brief therapy sessions, if medically necessary. There is no limit on outpatient day treatment
Residential Treatment A residential treatment program is a 24-hour living situation. It provides care when a person does not need to be in the hospital, but still needs help and structure 24-hours a day. Residential treatment can be for adults or children.
School-based services are for children and youth with special mental health care needs. They are provided in the school setting. Services may include smaller classrooms, specially trained staff, counseling and other services to help the child succeed.

Other Services

The following services may be offered in your community. To learn more, call your community mental health center or CHP.

  • Vocational and employment services;
  • Home-based services for children and adolescents;
  • Intensive case management;
  • Respite services;
  • Drop-in centers;
  • Clubhouses;
  • Peer services and support services;
  • Peer mentoring for children and adolescents;
  • Assertive community treatment programs;
  • Warm (telephone support) lines;
  • Special services for adoption issues;
  • Early childhood intervention services;
  • Family support, education and training services;
  • Multi-systemic therapy;
  • Prevention services and early intervention activities;
  • Recovery services;
  • Supported employment.

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